Saturday, December 24, 2011


2011 has been busy. I got my first job in the writing world, published my first short story, finished a few more novels for the pile. I think I'm learning a lot about what it is to be a writer.

2012 looms. I've got a heap of new projects in the works. Redrafting The Etherist, following up my short story, Cthun, with a sequel, Rakasha, writing a TV series I'm not allowed to talk about yet. 

Short stories forthcoming: Rakasha(Jane's further adventures in Hell), Audley(a surrealist story about a woman who rides a ladybug), and The Devil at his Elbow(Cormac McCarthy meets Dragonslayer as a team of maladjusted degenerates try to find and kill a marauding beast).

Novels forthcoming: Ruin, The Etherist, Prophet's Tomb.

It's going to be quite busy, I think. I've set myself a pretty relentless pace.

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